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Sending bulk SMS provides all companies, associations and organizations the ability to communicate and interact with both customers and employees/partners. Currently, one of the sectors that benefits most from Mobile Marketing is the sports and entertainment or leisure sector. One of the reasons is because of the age range of people who play sports or leisure activities matches the age range of mobile phone usage. Thus messages reach the user in a fast, secure and instant way.

Using SMS in Sports and Leisure activities

Examples of companies or organizations dedicated to sport and leisure that can benefit from this strategy:

  • Sport shops: Physical stores can send bulk messages to phones through our platform to attract and win new customers as well as retain existing ones. In addition, stores that are likely to sell online send text messages to gain assurance from their customers. These sectors could maybe help you, click and check it out: Physical shops y E-commerce
  • Schools: It offers good service providing information, news or notices to students in any schools like dance, water sports, sailing,surfing, skating, etc.
  • Event planning: Through our online platform, you can send messages in bulk delivering a better service at your events (championships, racing, etc.) and sending confirmation of registration or final results.
  • Gyms or other sports clubs: Takes care of new members and looks after existing ones thanks to sending loyalty offers and relevant information.
  • Mountain sports or flight federations: both mountain (mountaineering, canyoning, climbing ...) and air (skydiving, paragliding, hang gliding ...) sports, online SMS help to have a better communication with members. We suggest you take a look at the sector Meteorology, as it may be of great interest.


Through our online platform or integrating our API software in your business (pubs, discos, bars, cinemas, theaters ...) you can send promotional or informative messages to your customers ..

Coming up, we will summarize some examples of how to use SMS Marketing in the sporting sector:

For physical or online stores both sports and leisure:

  • Communication of offers and promotions.
  • Confirmation of ticket purchase or shipment or tracking code.
  • Schedule information.
  • Information about future openings, campaigns, promotions, etc.
  • Etc.

For sporting events:

  • Registration confirmations.
  • Indications of the venue where the event will take place with proper information.
  • Notifications of final results of the participants.
  • Notifications of future events.
  • Etc.

For gyms, schools or sports federations:

  • Confirmation of registrations or cancellations.
  • Reminder of class schedules or updates as information changes.
  • Information about promotions.
  • Etc.