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Nowadays, retail businesseses struggle to attract more customers because there are more people that buy over the Internet, either for convenience, lack of time, save money ... There are physical stores that have an online shop available and this benefits them, however
smaller businesses that do not have that possibility have to win over customers in one way or another, and the key to success is: “Grow or die”. Register in Instasent.com and see how SMS marketing is an excellent tool for sending SMS, attract and acquire new customers and also to retain existing ones.


Any physical store may benefit from text messaging, such as the following:

  • Specialized stores (clothing, accessories, perfumes, cosmetics ...), thrift stores, outlets, department stores ...
  • Bar, restaurants,takeaways...
  • Gyms, beauty salons,health care centers, spas...
  • Discotheques, pubs, dance halls ...
  • Travel agency, insurance agency ...
  • Pharmacy
  • Workshops (electronics, sewing, vehicles ...)

No matter the size of the business, it can be small, medium or large, even a franchise network. We, through our SMS Marketing services want to help you get your business to become one of the best in a profitable trade.

The advantages of bulk messages in physical stores are among others, the following:

  • It allows to acquire clients that live in the same zone where your business is located. Take advantage of those neighbors and offer them a discount by leaving their phone number for future promotions. It is important that the customer leaves happy, "word of mouth" can help.
  • It reaches everyone safely and quickly. They only need a mobile phone, no matter the sort, and they will receive the SMS in seconds.
  • Mejora las tasas de fidelización de los clientes ya existentes.
  • The customer will enjoy receiving valuable information about a store or business in his neighborhood (not such a traditional business)

Below are some examples of use for physical stores, check out what you can do to take advantage of our services:

  • Communication of offers. If we use SMS to communicate each promotion, we get a high number of public into our business. If it were not this way, many people would not know the existing developments since they would have to pass in front of the store and see with their own eyes.
  • Communication of exclusive promotions for SMS recipients It is essential that our clients receiving advertising via their mobile phones feel special. Sending them offers and promotions from time to time just ensures us more loyal customers.
  • Communication of exclusive promotions for VIP clients. If we reward customers receiving advertising via SMS, our regular customers cannot be treated any less. Keeping the customer happy is as easy as showing they are important for you.
  • Campaigns with limited offers that reward the immediacy of a purchase or action.
  • Downloads of stock. If we are overwhelmed with a specific product, it is best to inform customers through a bulk message.
  • Notice of arrival of new merchandise or product. We can inform customers of new products or special products that we receive in our stores.
  • For customers who have ordered or made repair arrangements of a product, you may send them a SMS notice that their product has arrived in store. In this way the client avoids unnecessary travel.
  • Appointment reminders.
  • Confirmations of registration, or reservation de place.
  • Information about schedule changes.
  • Send customers surveys to determine the degree of satisfaction of our services. This can help us know what we need to improve.