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Recently more people are receiving alerts via SMS on their mobile phones about climate or weather changes in their region. The previous submission tool for emergency information was the fax, now with the new system that Instasent offers, sending SMS allows information to reach directly, quickly and safely people who are interested in receiving these alerts . It is important to learn about emergencies the earliest possible.


Some examples of companies or organizations that can send bulk SMS through our online platform:

Companies that work with the following sports:

  • Winter. Ski resorts, for example, can inform their customers how to find the slopes, if it has recently snowed, if there is fog or blizzard, whether they are open or closed due to bad weather, etc..
  • Risk. Companies dedicated to sports such as mountaineering, climbing, canyoning, etc. can send messages to a group of adventurers, among other things, to report possible cancellations of departures due to bad weather conditions.
  • Water. Many schools who teach surfing, sailing, rafting, etc. communicate to their customers that classes may be suspended due to bad weather, red flags on the beach ...
  • Air. Companies who practice parachuting and paragliding for example, have to take into account the weather forecasts at all times because it is a very dangerous risk factor for people who practice it.

Public entities. They can send use this service to inform:

  • People with restrictions/ climatological chronic diseases risk factors. For example people with asthma, hay fever, etc.
  • People who are interested in being aware of the situations in their region or the world in general. For example, natural disasters such as floods, typhoons, tsunamis, hurricanes, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, etc.

Following is a summary of examples of the use for meteorology:

  • Warnings of: Rain, strong wind, intense cold, ice accumulation, snow, extreme heat, possibility of hail, possible tornado, waves ...
  • Warnings on climatic factors that can cause allergies such as pollen.
  • Class cancellations or changes due to weather.
  • Notice of measures to take into account according to the atmospheric forecast when performing a certain activity.

With Instasent's services, it will be easier to facilitate the population with more detailed and updated information about the weather phenomena that can affect them in their daily life, therefore giving them the time to take the necessary measures.

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