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98% of mobile phone users read the messages that arrive. Considering that number makes it an attractice idea to do marketing by sending bulk SMS.

Sending text messages has numerous advantages, including:

  • It is bulk, it reaches all users, whether they have internet or not, as all type of mobile phones receive messages. There is no other method of communication with such a difusion ability.
  • It is immediate, reading the text instantly.
  • It is safe, since it gives the tranquility that no message with end up in a SPAM folder, unlike e-mails.
  • It is measurable, which means it allows to know if a campaign through mobile marketing has been successful.


According to a study conducted by Mobile Marketing Association Investment Marketing and Mobile Advertising, 87% of advertisers that have invested in mobile marketing will do it again. This figure indicates that expectations were reached, goals were met with satisfaction. It is a good reference, isn't it?

SMS used as a marketing tool

We all like to get a good personal and professional treatment from businesses, thus improving the quality of service ensures customer loyalty.

SMS used as and advertising tool

By using text Marketing, you can communicate special promotions, give information regarding discounts and more in a very efficient way.

Interesting data about SMS Marketing

Here are some data that surely will make you rethink your marketing strategy and awaken your interest in mobile marketing.

Open rate

98% of text messages are opened, 90% of it in the first 3 minutes of reveicing it.

CLick rate

19% click on the link in an SMS


1% of SMS we receive are spam

Worldwide users

6000 million mobile users, the mobile is seen on average 150 times a day

Don't forget to keep in mind:

Text Marketing campaigns are economical, effective and immediate, but to achieve the desired objective, things have to be done correctly.

  • Campaigns need to have aclear objective.
  • We must take advantage of offers made through SMS marketing and include a call to action , and make the information interesting to the customer.
  • Sending SMS needs to be done along an extended period of time in order not to inconvenience the customer.
  • It must respect the law. It is very important to ask the customer permission before sending advertisements.
  • It is of great importance to measure the results of the SMS campaign: sent messages, messages received, number of customers who benefit from the offer, etc.
  • You have to choose the right deal for your customers. This will require you to meet recipients and find out what the motivation for all of them is.
  • It is recommended to include a link, in which brings directly the client to the offer. The easier for the client, the better.
  • Of course, choosing the right time during the day is important. You have to know what time is the most appropriate time for the campaign.
  • Always give option to unsubscribe , haveing the opportunity at hand is a relief to the customer.

Do not select the provider only based on price. Text Marketing channel is a very cheap and very effective medium compared with others, but is not free and a good service has its cost.

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