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More and more banks, banks provide services to the mobile phone to their customers. We must take advantage of features that offers the mobile phone to offer new services and provide more value to existing ones.

The key elements of the banking sector are safety, reliability, efficiency and confidentiality. Thanks to send text messages, you can communicate with your customers in a fast, safe, effective and also customized way.

Text messaging via mobile phone began to be used in the banking sector as a inexpensive way to send notifications to customers about new products and services. Nowadays, SMS have become a very powerful tool for banks, since bulk sms are used to provide many services.


Below are some examples of the use in the financial sector.

Through Instasent's online platform or by integrating the API in your software, you will be able to do achieve the following and more:

  • Real-time reporting to customers about their accounts (balance, movements, allowances or charges, income in cash, payment of credit card or debit card, transfers ...)
  • Send specific PIN codes (to make an online purchase or to make a transfer, to give the order that they are made, for example.)
  • Remember payments and expiration along with the date and time.
  • Report about promotions and new products that can attract customers.
  • Send messages conducting surveys to determine the degree of customer satisfaction with the services offered.

With everything previously mentioned, the banks gets loyalty from their clients. With a service of great quality, and customized service that is offered through SMS Marketing making customers feel much safer. In addition, some of these services help prevent card theft, avoid forgetting...

However, there have been an increase of interest in SMS by users, some of the reasons are:

  • There are no technological barriers.
  • Any device can send or receive SMS without needing an internet connection.
  • El SMS es simple y familiar. Los usuarios conocen esta herramienta y la utilizan de forma habitual.
  • Communication via SMS is safe.
  • The use of the web pages in the banking sector is scaring users: cybercrime, bank phishing, viruses, fraud, etc. Using the mobile feels much safer .