How to Write the Perfect Real Estate SMS Marketing Text

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SMS is still an incredibly reliable, effective, and valuable communication channel for reaching prospective investors and high-paying clients looking to buy property. Real estate SMS Marketing is a cost-effective tool that provides immediate results while conveying relevant information about your brand to bring real value to prospects. 

The trick with SMS marketing is that it allows realtors to create bulk messages and distribute them among target audiences in seconds. Modern internet users are primarily mobile today, with 91% using mobile phones and 68% still relying on SMS as the preferred communication method

If you’re running a real estate business, you know how challenging it is to remain relevant, authoritative, and competitive in the market today. Nowadays, realtors must multitask to beat their competitors and find new prospects. 

The latest technology and tools can help them achieve their goals. These tools help reach wider audiences by providing increased effectiveness for facilitating workloads for various marketing campaigns, such as real estate SMS marketing. Even though many would say that SMS is a bit outdated, they couldn’t be more wrong. 

SMS marketing provides an abundant source of potential prospects that you can convert into top-class leads. Let’s see how to create the most attention-grabbing real estate SMS marketing strategy.

Top tips for creating the perfect real estate SMS marketing text

Writing an ideal real estate text message doesn’t have to be overly complicated. Here are some tips to help you out.

tips for creating a real estate sms marketing text

Keep it short and to the point

To ensure your SMS marketing text messages increase your response rate, write messages under 160 characters. You should convey your message in an actionable and understandable manner so that your prospects can relate.

Make texts concise and clear

A real estate SMS marketing message should be concise and clear. It should have a purpose, and a means to deliver real value to potential prospects. So, avoid beating around the bush and create clear messages that convey your intention.

Use proper grammar, but remember that most prospects don’t know much about realtor jargon

You don’t want to sound too promotional, no matter what line of work you’re in. Keep in mind that most prospects you target aren’t acquainted with realtor jargon. In other words, if you use big words, you risk confusing your target audience. 

SMS messages are meant to be simple. Therefore, avoid professional and highly technical phrases, as well as abbreviations and slang. Keep your realtor’s SMS marketing texts laid-back but still professional.

Customize your promotional messages

The best way to achieve your marketing goals with marketing SMS messages is to customize each text you write. Adding a personal touch to your realtor’s SMS marketing can significantly improve your reach and response rate. If you make it feel like a personal conversation, prospects are more likely to respond positively to your marketing campaign.

Personalize your SMS campaigns by segmenting your audience by lead type

You can’t use the same real estate SMS Marketing template for all your audience. Instead, try to personalize each message according to the target audience. It all comes down to personalization. It can significantly increase the open rate. Personalize and segment your realtor’s SMS marketing strategy by lead type.

Add a CTA

The purpose of real estate SMS marketing messages is to point the recipients further down the sales funnel. Create SMS messages with a clear call to action to give your target audience a clear path forward. You should also add a link to your landing page or website so your audience knows what it’s all about.

Keep your text conversations short

Real estate texting should be a concise correspondence and a timely information exchange. The goal is not to overwhelm your prospects with too much information but to determine clear aspects of what a realtor wants them to do

Each conversation should be short and lead to confirming the meeting or due date for paperwork. Each text is nothing more than a short update that lets your client know what’s on offer and the exact time and place of an appointment.

Always be polite

Always start your real estate SMS marketing messages by introducing yourself. Each text should include your name and what you do, as well as the reason for texting. This helps you in various ways, such as letting a potential homebuyer know that you have a property for sale. 

Aside from establishing you as a professional realtor, this will make your communication easier and friendlier. On the other hand, being courteous brings you closer to making a deciding phone call and shows the consideration of your prospect’s preferences. Even if a prospect isn’t interested in your offer, it’s important to remain professional.

Use positivity to set the tone for your real estate SMS marketing messages

One of the biggest problems with any promotional SMS text message is setting the exact tone of a message. You don’t want to sound too promotional and invasive or too laid back and unprofessional. 

Since recipients could easily misinterpret your intentions, it could endanger your brand and business. To avoid exposing your business to such a risk, try to sound as positive as possible while promoting your real estate offering. 

Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Refrain from using one-word responses;
  • Always include your name and greeting in an initial text;
  • Pay attention to punctuation;
  • Use exclamation points to make your texts more readable;
  • Avoid using emojis;
  • Use polite phrases but keep them to a minimum.

Make sure each SMS text delivers real value.

The trick to making the most out of your real estate SMS marketing campaign is establishing trust with your target audience. To keep your prospects responsive and engaged, you need to deliver value with each text. 

Therefore, make sure your SMS texts include relevant and up-to-date information on the property on offer, as well as the easiest way for your prospects to complete certain steps before closing the deal. You should also include quick notifications, showing schedules, and market updates when appropriate. 

You can also use SMS text messages to ask your prospects for performance feedback, testimonials, and service reviews. Such messages are perfect opportunities to upsell or cross-sell additional services you offer. However, such SMS texts are suitable for situations when you close a deal.

Double-check your messages before sending them

You need to make sure your marketing SMS messages are perfect before sending them to your potential prospects, especially if you’re sending bulk text messages. Before sending, ensure your messages contain a healthy dose of positivity, relevant and up-to-date information on your business, accurate times and dates, correct grammar, spelling, etc. 

Instead of wasting too much time and effort checking each message, create templates to speed up the processes. Templates can help to ensure your marketing texts are relevant to your brand, error-free, and engaging enough to achieve the desired effect.

Common real estate SMS marketing templates for realtors

Now that you have some basic understanding of how to create a perfect SMS text for your real estate SMS marketing, here are useful SMS templates for realtors that you can customize to better suit your specific needs.

Realtor SMS templates for property sellers

Asking for details

Hi {client name), I have buyers interested in buying property in your area. Are you still selling yours? Let me know If you’re up for a chat.

Scheduling appointments

Hello, {agent name} from {agency name} here. I have some useful advice on how to sell your house faster. Are you up for a discussion sometime this week?

Encouraging decisions and offering guidance

Hi {client name)! Are you still having second thoughts on the best time to sell your apartment? Can I be of any assistance to help you make your decision easier?

Sending reminders

Hi {client name), just to quickly remind you that there’s a property viewing scheduled for you this Friday, July 7, @2PM. {agent name}

Ongoing communication

{client name}, a buyer’s home inspector found a problem with mold behind the cabinet in the kitchen. Can I visit sometime around 3 PM tomorrow? Reply YES to confirm.


Hi {client name}, it’s {agent name} from {agency name}. We had a conversation about selling your property last week – are you still interested? If you’d like to schedule an appointment to settle the details, let me know. 

Real estate SMS templates for property buyers

Email capture

Hi, thank you for taking interest in our properties for sale. Send us your email and contact details and we’ll get back to you with our latest TOP 10 listings. {company name}

Listing alert

{client name}, I’ve just come across a new listing for a 3-bedroom apartment (priced at $250K) in the location you’re interested in. Are you up for a discussion to learn more?


Great news, {client name}! Your offer for property (house, apartment) on {address} has been accepted. Can we schedule a call to walk you through the next steps?

Offers and discounts

Hi {client name}! Remember the apartment at {address} that you were looking to buy for your family? The price just went down from $130K to $110K. Would you like to make an offer?

Listing information

Hi {client name}, are you still interested in the apartment in {location}? We have new and up-to-date listings ready for you to help you find a perfect fit. Let me know if you’re up for a chat. {agent name}

Open house announcements

Hi {client name}! This Saturday, I’m hosting an open house appointment at {address}. If you’re interested, let me know if you’re up for paying me a visit anytime between 2 PM to 7 PM. {agent name}

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Texting is still the best way to start personalized conversations with potential investors and improve both engagement and attendance for realtors. Choose your keywords carefully, and don’t forget to add calls to action.

You can save yourself a lot of trouble by choosing the best real estate SMS marketing service to help you with your clients, prospects, and real estate lead capture. Such services allow you to send both bulk and one-on-one texts and integrate them with other tools you’re using.

Opt for a service that allows you to choose an unlimited number of keywords and provides one centralized SMS inbox for easier management of multiple conversations.

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