11 Real Estate SMS Marketing Templates for Each Step of the Buyer’s Journey

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Today, around 97% of Americans own a mobile phone. Whether that’s a smartphone or an old-school cell phone, almost every American citizen has a mobile phone by their side.

Furthermore, around 75% of business customers choose to receive offers via SMS, which is a pretty impressive number.

With these statistics in mind, it’s safe to say SMS marketing has massive potential for businesses worldwide, regardless of their industry.

For example, real estate is among the industries that can significantly benefit from SMS campaigns. More and more real estate agents choose to contact their potential clients and existing customers through this concise and successful channel.

Real Estate SMS marketing has become so popular among agents that almost every marketing strategy is based on sending SMSs. This guide will walk you through bulk SMS sending in real estate and provide some SMS marketing templates you can use for your business.

SMS marketing templates for the entire real estate buyer journey

Buying an apartment, house, or any other type of property is a big step and probably one of the most significant life events. That isn’t only because real estate property tends to cost a lot of money but also because it’s a complex, demanding, and time-consuming process that requires plenty of time and patience.

Since buying a property is a complex process, real estate buyers go through several steps on their journey. Here, you can find out more about what each step is about and some effective templates you can use.

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Step 1 of the real estate buyer journey: Onboarding customers

The world is full of potential real estate clients. Whether you detect a new visit on your website, a new subscription, or somehow receive the contact details from a person interested in buying property, showing these people you care about them is the key to onboarding customers.

Here are some sample SMS templates you can use to attract new clients and motivate them to choose you over other real estate agencies in your area:

First example of nboarding customers real estate sms template
Second example of onboarding customers real estate sms template

Thanks for visiting our website, [Name]! If you have any further questions, let me know. - [Name] from [Real Estate Company]

Enjoying our online offers? Text FINDPROPERTY to 55555 to set up desired property alerts.

Hi, [Name]. Thanks for subscribing to our newsletter! You will now receive real estate listings in Brooklyn, NY. Feel free to contact us for more information - [Real Estate Company]

Did you like 123 Atlantic Boulevard? Get more information about similar properties in Los Angeles at [Real Estate Company].

Step 2 of the real estate buyer journey: Requesting details

Once you onboard potential clients, they will rely on your ability to find the best property deals. To do that, you will need to obtain basic information from your clients. Besides their contact details, you will also need to write down the type of property they’re interested in, their budget, and other buying conditions.

Consider these sample text messages:

requesting deals real estate sms template

Good morning, [Name]. Your home valuation will be ready in a few minutes. Quick question: Are you planning any repairs or remodels on the new property? Feel free to let me know.

Hello, [Name]. Your home valuation will be ready ASAP. Could we schedule a quick call about some property features?

Step 3 of the real estate buyer journey: Sending listings

Once you have all the details about your client’s property likes, desires, needs, and preferences, you’re ready to send listings. Although many people believe this is where promotional messages stop, that’s far from true.

Quite the contrary, this is arguably the most critical step of the real estate buyer’s journey. Under no circumstances would you want to disappoint clients who chose to partner up with your company, so choosing the best communication solution at this stage is essential.

Mobile communication is probably the easiest way to maintain regular contact with your customers and keep them up-to-date with the newest listings. SMS services have all the features you may need.

Here are some SMS suggestions when sending listings:

Sending listings real estate sms template

[Name], there’s a new listing for a 3-bedroom, 1-bath in Arcadia. Want me to organize a viewing?

The property you viewed at 567 Cullen Boulevard has dropped from $750K to $720K. Do you want to schedule a viewing?

Hi, [Name]. I have a few apartments in Queens that perfectly fit your requirements and budget. Would you be interested in setting up a viewing in the next few days?

Step 4 of the real estate buyer journey: Follow-ups

If you happen to find a perfect property for your client and sell it to them, that’s fantastic. Nevertheless, some clients won’t find what they’re looking for even after months of house-hunting.

Still, it’s essential to show them you’re still there and ready to offer your assistance. That will let your clients know you haven’t forgotten about them, and they’ll immediately be more interested in finding a property with your help.

Show your clients you care even if they didn’t set up a viewing in a while by sending something along these lines:

Follow-ups real estate sms template

Hello, [Name]. Are you still interested in buying a property in Delaware? I have several new offers I think you’ll love.

Good afternoon, [Name]. Are you still looking to purchase a home? There are a few properties on the market that match your criteria.

The importance of high-quality real estate SMS marketing

SMS marketing offers many benefits to real estate, both to buyers and real estate agencies. Here are the crucial benefits of SMS campaigns you can always count on in real estate.

Quickly seal the deal.

Unlike most real estate agencies that keep in touch with their clients via email, SMS allows you to keep up with your interested customers in real-time.

SMS marketing statistics show that 90% of SMS texts are read in the first 30 minutes, which isn’t the case for emails. That will allow you to enjoy high response rates and immediate reactions from potential buyers. Ultimately, you’ll quickly seal the deal and secure lead generation for your real estate business.

Offer personalization.

SMS is a personal tool reserved for information communication with friends and family. However, personalization can help you make real estate offers feel like talking to a family member or friend. After all, agents that show they care about their customers experience a higher success rate.

Automate messages.

Even if your messages are personalized, that doesn’t mean you have to type them manually. Today, you can choose from numerous automation software tools to generate and send messages to your clients while maintaining a friendly, polite, and human-like tone.

Cut through the competition.

As already mentioned, many real estate companies still haven’t taken advantage of SMS marketing campaigns. Most rely on formal email communication, which sets a barrier between a client and their agent.

SMS texts let you cut through the competition by not getting lost in the pile of spam emails. Instead, friendly SMSs arrive directly on your customer’s phone and are guaranteed to be read!


If you’ve been thinking about the secret to real estate success, there’s no need to look further. As real estate SMS marketing becomes a thing, it is the ultimate marketing strategy you can use to connect with your potential and existing customers.

Even if you’re not the most creative person, the sample SMS templates mentioned in this guide are enough to make an excellent impression and secure those client relationships for a long time!

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