7 types of SMS everybody should use

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An SMS is more than just a 160-character message. It’s the key that opens a door to a direct communication with your client; a door which will be open while the user receives valuable content. Here lies the importance of a correct wording and structure of the message, since all this will condition the campaign’s success.

Although they might seem few, 160 characters have a high potential due to the fact that they can incorporate a link in text. It is an enriched message known as Rich SMS. Via the short URL we can lead the user wherever we wish (web, blog, online store…) and follow up his interests and moves.

We may encounter multiple styles and types of SMS, depending on the business sector, the business model, the objectives they are seeking.., but we could simplify all these into two.

Basically a text message is used to accomplish two objectives: inform and promote.


SMS informs

We know SMS is fast and direct, therefore it is an ideal channel to assure ourselves that the client receives our information; a piece of information that should always be advantageous for the user.

In this case, it’s not about selling, but about generating relevant content which helps us positioning our brand in the consumer’s mind. For his reason, communication ought to be personalized and adapted to the interests and context that our client encounters themselves in.

SMS 1# Reminder

From the reminder of an appointment, to the reinforcement of a campaign, the client will value our action positively if the information is useful and carried out in the appropriate moment.

It has been demonstrated that appointment reminders reduce a 20% of absences, which translates into a higher revenue and a better time management.

“María, you have an appointment on 02/03/17 at 18:00 with Dr. XXX. This is the address linkxxx. If you cannot attend call XXX. UNSUBSCRIBE SMS linkxxx”

SMS 2# Notices

Notices on received orders, new stock, time schedules … practical information that improves the service quality and brand image.

“Carmen, we have received the product you ordered. You can stop by our store. This is the address linkxxx. Should you have any enquiries call us at XXX. UNSUBSCRIBE SMS linkxxx”

SMS 3# Details

It’s some details that make the difference.

SMS Marketing is a simple way to surprise the user:

-Wish your client happy birthday or congratulate them on special dates.

-Reward their loyalty by inviting them to a private event in your store, with a very special gift, anticipated sales…

“Marta, we want to wish you a happy birthday. Here is your gift linkxxx”

SMS 4# Customer service

Report back on order status, it is an added value to our service that creates trust and minimizes possible logistic problems. It’s not the same to be aware of a slight shipping delay than to be completely unaware of your order’s status.

“Juan, we inform you that your order is on its way. Should you have any doubts linkxxx or call us at XXX. UNSUBSCRIBE SMS linkxxx”

In this way, sending bulk SMS allows us to accompany the client throughout the whole purchase process, from the very first moment, when they start looking for information, until the after-sales service.

Telling your client that you’re there, far beyond the sale or carrying out a satisfaction survey will help you improve their satisfaction and focus better on your business.

SMS 5# Information of interest

Your client has given you their phone number. They’re willing to talk to you, and in fact, appreciate you wanting to communicate with them.

Marketing through SMS is an excellent channel to transmit valuable information.

If you send a link with your new blog post, not only you provide relevant content to your client, but you also increase traffic to your post.

“Jorge, are you familiar with this trick to remove stains? Check out our new post, linkxxx will surprise you. UNSUBSCRIBE SMS linkxxx”

Furthermore, according to the sector or type of business, there is certain real-time information, which can be key for the user. For example, the current meteorological situation: an SMS informing on the ski tracks’ conditions is a good example of relevant information for a user that happens to be a keen skier.

SMS promotions

A person may receive over 2000 impacts a day. We can’t expect them to react miraculously to our message. We must tell them clearly what we want from them. In this sense, the CTA accomplishes its commitment. Messages ought to be clear, concise and convincing.

SMS 6# Offers, coupons and discounts

The immediate and direct nature of SMS makes it the ideal channel for real-time communications, such as flash offers, as well as sending coupons and discounts, for instance with a code to access the offer through a link.

“Enjoy a 50% discount until 14:00. Here you are linkxxx. UNSUBSCRIBE SMS linkxxx”

SMS 7# Sale

Be it direct sale…

Through a link you can take your client to the online store and close the window with just a click.

Be it cross-selling…

You know what they have bought previously and which products are of their interest. You can use this type of information to make an offer on a complimentary product, related to the product they just bought or that they might need.

Or be it a reservation

If you make it easy for your client to make a reservation, your possibility of selling increases and in case it doesn’t come out in the end, you have very valuable information in your hands you can use.

“Your reservation has been completed successfully. For any changes linkxxx or call us at XXX. UNSUBSCRIBE SMS linkxxx”

In any case, the key is to create an effective message and it will make the difference between having a satisfied user or a disappointed one.

SMS is a great communication tool. You just have to know how to make the most of it.

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