15 Essential Doctor Appointment Text Message Samples

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Text messaging has been gaining relevancy in the medical field for the past few years, and it has become one of the most efficient and habitual ways of communication between practitioners and patients. 

Forbes reported that 76% of consumers declare being more likely to read a message if it comes via SMS. In fact, the Covid-19 crisis has further accentuated the great potential of texting platforms for the healthcare industry and all actors involved.

Recent reports show patients’ increasing desire to automate and ease into a more convenient way of text-based communication since the pandemic hit, with 84% of customers surveyed looking forward to this automation

Sending texts can bring many benefits to this industry’s communication, such as being more direct, less intrusive, less time-consuming, and offering the possibility of even being automated, making it extra convenient for everyone involved. 

Efficient scheduling and reminders are crucial in healthcare management. A well-crafted message for doctor appointment not only streamlines the scheduling process but also enhances patient engagement and reduces no-shows.

In this guide, we explore various text message samples that effectively communicate appointment details, ensuring a smoother and more reliable healthcare experience for both practitioners and patients.

Essential Doctor Appointment Text Message Samples

From sending appointment instructions, healthcare tips, promotional communications, or reminding patients of their upcoming appointments, this channel is a fantastic opportunity to reduce no-shows and scheduling mistakes, build trust with your clientele, and facilitate administrative tasks with less effort.

All of this, paired with the fact that 76% of people worldwide want to be reminded of their medical appointments and 71% are actively open to offers of relevant healthcare services, seems to point to a clear conclusion: text messaging is key to improving doctor-patient connections and boosting efficiency in the management of the healthcare system.

It’s crucial, however, to ensure you don’t forget to get consent from your patients before using their information for this purpose.

Before we explore the various templates for doctors appointment text messages, it’s essential to understand the impact of clear and concise communication.

These messages serve as a direct line to your patients, ensuring they are informed, prepared, and more likely to attend their scheduled appointments. In the next sections, you’ll find carefully crafted samples that embody the essence of effective communication.

If you are ready to begin using text messaging as a new way to improve your communication system, here are a few templates you can use:

Appointment Confirmation Samples

Doctor Appointment Confirmation Text Message Sample


[Medical Practice’s Name] informs: 

Miss/Ms/Mr/ Mrs [Patient’s First Name], your appointment with Dr. [Doctor’s Name] on [Date] at [Time] has been confirmed. 

To cancel or reschedule this appointment, reply to this message or contact us at [Contact Numer]. For general inquiries, text this number or visit our official website [Website link] for further information.

Thank you for trusting [Medical Practice’s Name]. 


Appointment confirmation:

Miss/Ms/Mr/ Mrs [Patient’s First Name], thank you for making an appointment with [Medical Practice’s Name] on [Date] at [Time].

Please, arrive 10 minutes before the scheduled time for registration.

Appointment Follow-Up Message Samples

Doctor Appointment Follow-Up Text Message Sample


Hi [Patient’s First Name],

We hope today’s appointment with Dr. [Doctor’s Name] was satisfactory. We always seek feedback from our patients to keep improving our service. 

Would you be willing to help us by responding to a few questions about your experience? 

If so, access our survey here [Link].

Thank you for trusting [Medical Practice’s Name]. 


Hi [Patient’s First Name], this is Dr. [Doctor’s Name] from [Medical Practice’s Name].

How have you been feeling since last week’s appointment? If you feel discomfort or have any concerns, don’t hesitate to text this number or contact us at [Contact Numer], and we’ll do our best to help.

Best regards.

Appointment Reminder Samples

In today’s fast-paced world, ensuring that patients remember their upcoming medical appointments is more critical than ever. This is where the power of a well-crafted medical appointment reminder text message sample becomes evident.

By providing clear, concise, and timely reminders, healthcare practices can significantly reduce the rate of no-shows and improve the efficiency of their scheduling system. Let’s take a closer look at some effective examples of these reminders.

Doctor Appointment Reminder Text Message Sample


Hi [Patient’s First Name],

This is [Medical Practice’s Name]. Just a friendly reminder that you have an upcoming appointment with Dr. [Doctor’s Name] on [Date] at [Time].

Please, arrive 10 minutes before the scheduled time for registration. 

If you need to cancel or reschedule this appointment, you can reply to this message or contact us at [Contact Numer]. Thank you.



You have an upcoming appointment with Dr. [Doctor’s Name] on [Date] at [Time]. 

To cancel or change your appointment date, reply to this message with ‘Reschedule’ or ‘Cancel’ correspondingly, or contact us at [Contact Numer].

Thank you,

[Medical Practice’s Name].

The effectiveness of a medical appointment reminder text message sample lies in its ability to convey essential information in a brief format while also offering an easy response mechanism for the recipient.

Crafting such messages with the patient’s convenience in mind not only enhances their experience but also fosters a stronger patient-practitioner relationship.

Alert Samples

Doctor Alert Text Message Templates


[Medical Practice’s Name] informs: 

Dear [Patient’s First Name], we’ve received your test results for [Test name/content]. 

Please reply ‘Schedule’ to this number or call us at [Contact Numer] to schedule your appointment. Thank you.


Hi [Patient’s First Name],

This is [Medical Practice’s Name]. We have a new opening for an appointment available on [Date] at [Time]. 

Please reply to this message with ‘Schedule’ by [Time] today to accept this appointment. If this time is inconvenient for you, please reply ‘Reject’ to pass it to the following patient on the waiting list. 

You will still remain the first on our waiting list for the following openings.

Thank you,

[Medical Practice’s Name].


[Medical Practice’s Name] informs: 

Dear [Patient’s First Name], we’ve received your test results for Covid-19 PCR dated [Date] with the result: NEGATIVE/POSITIVE. 

Please follow the following link for further recommendations [Link] or contact us with any questions. 

If you need an official document with your results, please reply to this message with your email address. 

Thank you,

[Medical Practice’s Name].

Payment Reminder Samples

Doctor Payment Reminder SMS samples


Dear [Patient’s First Name],

This is [Medical Practice’s Name]. We kindly remind you that [$ Amount] is due for payment since [Due Date]. 

For more information, feel free to text this number or contact us at [Contact Numer], and we’ll do our best to assist you in resolving this matter.

Thank you,

[Medical Practice’s Name].


Reminder: Our records indicate that [$ Amount] has been awaiting payment since [Due Date].

Please reply to this number or contact us at [Contact Numer] for any questions regarding the matter.

Thank you,

[Medical Practice’s Name].

Covid-19 Protocol Samples

Doctor Covid-19 Protocol SMS Templates


Dear [Patient’s First Name], 

This is [Medical Practice’s Name]. Before your appointment with us on [Date], we wanted to remind you of our COVID-19 protocols:

– All patients and practitioners must always wear a mask while on our premises. 

– We will be taking all patients’ temperatures at the entrance.

– Take a seat at least six ft. from the nearest person while in the waiting room; no more than ten people will be allowed in.

Thank you for your cooperation,

[Medical Practice’s Name].


Hi [Patient’s First Name],

This is [Medical Practice’s Name]. Before your upcoming appointment with us on [Date], we wanted to give you a quick reminder to check our COVID-19 protocols on our website [Website].

Your safety is our priority. Thank you for your cooperation!

In light of the ongoing changes brought about by the pandemic, doctors appointment text messages have become more crucial than ever. They not only facilitate the seamless exchange of vital information but also ensure that both patients and healthcare providers remain aligned with the latest safety protocols and guidelines.

This adaptability underscores the importance of text messaging in maintaining the continuum of care during challenging times.

Healthcare Tips/ Promotion Samples

Doctor Healthcare Tips/ Promotion Text Message Samples


Hi [Patient’s First Name], 

Did you know that Colon Cancer is one of the most preventable cancers? 

75% of colon cancers could be avoided with regular screening from the age of 50 as well as developing other healthy behaviors.

Are you up to date with your screenings? 

Text [Medical Practice’s Name] to this number or contact us at [Contact Numer]  and schedule your next appointment with one of our experts!


According to the National Institute of Health, obesity is the second leading cause of preventable death in the United States.

Day-to-day changes in our lives, such as a more active lifestyle and better food choices, can prevent and lower the chances of premature death and improve your overall quality of life.

Do you or any member of your family struggle with this problem? 

Text [Medical Practice’s Name] to this number or contact us at [Contact Numer] and schedule an appointment with one of our medical experts for more information on what you can do to tackle this issue on time.

Follow-Up for Missed Appointments 

Utilize these text message examples to reach out to patients who missed their appointments. This approach helps in rescheduling and maintaining continuity of care.

  1. Hi [name], your absence was noted today at [medical facility name]. To reschedule, please call or send us a message.
  2. We missed you today, [name] 😢 [Doctor’s name] at [medical facility name] has openings next week. Reschedule here [link].
  3. Hello [name], [Doctor’s name] noticed your absence at your appointment today at [time]. Your health is important to us. Please call or text [phone number] to reschedule.

Essential Pre-Appointment Reminders 

These text message templates are designed to remind patients about crucial preparatory steps before their appointment. This can include reminders for completing forms or specific instructions related to their appointment.

  1. Hello [name]! Just a reminder to fill out the required questionnaire before your visit with [doctor’s name]. Here’s the link: [link].
  2. Greetings [name], this is a courtesy reminder from [doctor’s name] — please refrain from eating or drinking for 24 hours prior to your appointment.
  3. Hi [name], kindly ensure that you complete [specific requirement] before your upcoming appointment. Thanks, – Your Care Team at [medical facility name].

7 Key Strategies for Effective Medical Appointment Reminder Texts

When crafting appointment reminder texts, consider these essential strategies and best practices:

  1. Secure Patient Consent: Comply with the Telephone Consumer Protection Act by obtaining explicit SMS opt-in from patients before initiating text communications.
  2. Maintain HIPAA Compliance: Protect health information in text messages. Use a HIPAA-compliant SMS platform and establish relevant policies for secure communication.
  3. Integrate with Multiple Channels: Ensure text messaging is aligned with other communication methods like phone and email. Consider text-enabling your landline and integrating with email, online scheduling systems, or electronic health records.
  4. Timing is Crucial: Schedule reminder texts to be timely and relevant, allowing patients enough notice to reschedule if needed.
  5. Tailor the Frequency: Find the right balance in the frequency of reminders. This might vary between patients, so testing different approaches can help identify the most effective strategy.
  6. Personalize Messages: Add a personal touch to texts, such as including the patient’s name, to foster a sense of connection and comfort.

Streamline with Automation: Utilize SMS platforms that offer automation or scheduling features for reminders, saving time and ensuring consistency in communication.

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