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What you can do and can’t do with bulk SMS

“This morning when I got up I saw a message that caught my attention. It was a product offer I had been looking for, for a long time. It had expired.”

This is a scene that repeats itself more often than we realize. What conclusions can be drawn from this? That we now have a disappointed client and a lost opportunity.

With regards to e-mail marketing, this can be the usual situation, since we receive hundreds of mails daily, which end up lost somewhere in our inbox. However, this shouldn’t be the case with SMS Marketing because if something characterizes text messages is their immediacy, reach and capacity of response they give the user.

This is our first Yes to sending bulk SMS.

But, it’s only a start.

Yes to SMS Marketing

1# Seize the moment

The actual consumer looks for solutions and answers here and now. Brands are gradually seeking to satisfy these needs instantly, with the purpose of offering a better experience to their clients.

Instant marketing, real time marketing… are concepts which are progressively more present in business strategies.

Time here plays a vital role, regarding immediacy, as well as sending frequency.

Consumers appreciate receiving SMS with valuable content, however, they reject intrusion. An excess of short messages is ineffective and provokes the opposite effect: displeasure.

The sms gateway platform is a powerful tool to communicate with our clients. For it to be effective, you must pay special attention to the time and frequency when sending.

2# Make the most of the place

The closest contact point with your client is their phone. If you managed to achieve their consent, you have already solved one of the most difficult stretches of the trip.

What’s now important is to meet their expectations, offering valuable content.

Just in the same way when is important, it’s also how and why.

Why are you addressing them? What do you have to offer them? How are you going to do it? What are going to say to them?

Take care of the structure of your message and make sure that you always have a value proposition. And don’t forget the Call To Action to tell the client what you want them to do.

By being able to include a short URL in the text, the possibilities when it comes to offering content are multiplied. There are some predefined SMS highly recommendable for companies that wish to start a campaign.

3# Make the most of your resources and potential

Because text marketing offers you a lot for very little. You have in your hands a wide scope channel, minimally saturated and low cost.

More than 98% of messages are opened, 90% of these 3 minutes after they are received.

If we put together its low cost and its good results we get one of the best media channels that generates ROI.

But it also has a huge potential to promote other channels: including a link in the text your client is just a click away from the store, the blog, Social Media… making it the perfect accomplice for a multi-channel strategy.

Nots of SMS Marketing

1# Massive sms are not “multitudinous.”

The sms gateway platform automates the sending of short messages. This doesn’t mean for it to be done uncontrollably and without any criteria.

One of the bases of sms marketing as well as its starting point, is segmentation: knowing how to choose your audience.

2# Do not abuse your client’s trust

You have access to your client through on of their most personal objects. Don’t let them down.

All of the benefits that text messages give you can be spoiled instantly with bad practices, such as spam.

3# Do not neglect your message

Inappropriate sending, unpersonalized, excessive, careless… all this has repercussions on the user experience and on the perception of the brand.

In each message you send you are talking about your company which means that in those 160 characters everything should be well taken care of in detail: no spelling mistakes, links or operation codes, unsubscription option, structure, tone…

To make sure everything is going well, before sending the campaign we advise you to carry out this checklist .

Taking care of these small details all you have left is to enjoy the whole potential of this mobile marketing strategy.