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SMS Marketing, the push your web needs

You have good products, offer a good service; your page is responsive, mobile-friendly and has an attractive design. So, Where are the clients?

Internet is democratic and offers everybody a market full of opportunities, but it also has its own rules and only gives visibility to those who understand them.

There are different marketing strategies that directly affect your web traffic : techniques that imply a cost such as online advertising or investing in Social Media…, or strategies with lower direct costs like SEO, which is a long-term technique that must be worked on daily.

Any of these strategies will increase to a greater or a lesser extent your web traffic, but in spite of this, it might still not be enough.

We have to consider that the concept of “generating traffic” is very wide. It’s not only about attracting it. The key lies in the traffic quality. And which traffic could be considered better than the one proceeding from your own database?

If we apply the Pareto principle, 80% of purchases come from 20% of clients. This gives a very important clue on where to focus our efforts.

If you have worked on your clients’ database, you are just a click away from reaching them.


You have their phone number and the perfect tool is in their hand: their phone. You just need a direct channel, with a wide reach and minimum saturation: SMS marketing.

Text messages have a high potential. You can include a short link that takes your client wherever you wish; in this case, to your web.

But in order to direct them to your web you have to invite them, with a CTA, and also offer something motivational: content of value.

Strategies to generate traffic via SMS

Your database is made up of people that have been interested in your brand at some point, whether they purchased or not. It’s the time to pick up the conversation.

  • Inform your target on your brand’s updates. Make them participate in your activity.

  • Carry out promotions, discounts, gifts… awaken your clients’ needs with a persuasive message and close the sale with an agile purchase process.

  • If they purchased, you have one more reason to use text messages online.

SMS is an important ally in cross-selling and up-selling. It includes a direct link to a complimentary article or to an upgraded version of the purchased product.

Immediate benefits of bulk messages

It has been demonstrated that offering relevant content at the right time increases the campaign’s effectiveness by 50%.

The SMS’ features of being direct and instantaneous enables to carry out campaigns of limited duration effectively and to make the most of impulse purchases.

By sending text messages online you will have your client a click away from your web. Simple and effective. If you want to draw traffic to your web invite your closest audience via SMS and get ready to receive some visits.