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Mobile marketing trends for 2017

According to a study carried out by Zenith based on data from 60 key markets, in 2012 mobile phones represented 40% of Internet connections; in 2016 it reached 56% and it has been estimated to achieve 75% in 2017 and 79% in 2018.

In 2017 we will see the mobile sector consolidate its privileged position and we will witness how once more SMS Marketing, as a Mobile Marketing strategy, evolves to continue being an effective and profitable communication tool.

Customer Experience will remain being key.

marketing movil 2017

User experience is still trending. The client is the center of the global business strategy, and thus decisions should be taken according to the user’s preferences, being mobile phones one of the unavoidable contact points.

For a web to be responsive is part of the past now. It is not a necessity anymore, but an obligation. When we talk about experience we go further beyond seeking to offer valuable, personalized content and full of impact, through the use of tools that capture the users’ attention and allow them to connect with the brand.

1# In this sense, ** the augmented and virtual reality opens a path full of experiences yet to discover during next year**.

Bar codes, QR and applications in general convert themselves in the key to access an exclusive and virtual world where connecting with the client happens via mobile phones.

2# In the same way, Big Data helps us analyze all of the information our clients provide us with, by means of their device usage, in order to answer their needs efficiently.

Geolocation, purchase intention, Social Media and other data we gather regardless if the users provide us with it voluntarily or not, is the base for a good management of the customer relations (CRM.)

3#Needs that keep on evolving and that are not only “mobile” anymore. Wearable technology is gradually more accepted and accessible, at the same time as it acquires new features and uses. Wearables are and will continue to be opportunities for brands to keep on discovering. 4# Mobile payment and device security is a pending matter that year 2016 leaves behind it. Consumers still don’t trust paying their purchases with their mobile phones. Payment through mobile phones will mark the end of the consumer’s journey accompanied by their best travel buddy: their phone.

5# Video will continue being in the spotlight of the broad spectrum of the mobile universe: be it because of the ads with video in Social Media, Google’s intention to include ads in video format, or the increasing use of video streaming. The user is mobile and is keen on consuming multimedia content

The actual position of mobile marketing implies the need of carrying out a multichannel strategy, where mobile phones have a main role for the reason being that they are the closer means of communication to users. And here is where bulk SMS finds its place as a close and direct contact point with the client.

An SMS is able to capture the user’s attention thanks to the ease of its opening and lecture. Furthermore, the possibility of incorporating a short URL allows us to take the user wherever we wish: web, blog, landing, Social Media, QR sending… Due to its immediacy its a great geolocation ally. It also helps to keep the consumer company, capable of filling in the deficiencies of the virtual relation, providing trust and security. It is enough to see examples like: shipping and payment confirmations; the double verification system; sending promotions, offers; the after-sales service… To value the effectiveness of a simple SMS.

In any case, if there is no doubt whatsoever that we encounter ourselves in the mobile era, then there is certainly no doubt either about SMS Marketing taking place in it.