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In this post we will show you the benefits of using SMS Marketing in clinics, hospitals and health centers in general and how bulk messaging will help you reduce more than 20% of your patients’ absences.

Dental, aesthetic, veterinary, ear-care, opthalmology, physiotherapy and rehabilitation clinics; hospitals and health-care centers all in general are nourished by the influx of patients, which not always turns out as planned in the agenda.

There are many circumstances that can cause customer absenteeism, however the main cause is forgetfulness. If we checked each and every agenda from health-care centers just mentioned, we would find without exception gaps caused by a forgetful customer.

Just forgetting, nothing else, but it really affects the business and could be solved with a simple reminder: an SMS. A problem that affects both daily activity and service quality and that, at the same time, impacts directly on the business’s turnover.

It is also inevitable that in other occasions, unexpected situations come up which cause missing an appointment. Many of these situations can be handled beforehand, so that the client is able to change the appointment and the clinic can cover their gap in the agenda with another patient. In this way, both parties are satisfied and the center’s activity does not suffer alterations but on the contrary, is completely optimized. All this, thanks to a simple procedure carried out by the patient through a text message with date, hour, place of appointment and a contact phone number or link to the appointment section in the web page, to make any enquiries or changes.

SMS Marketing will ease day to day management, programming appointments and leaving the system in charge of sending the message on the right day. This implies considerable savings in time and money by reducing patients’ absenteeism.

It has been demonstrated, from the experience of well known public hospitals, in regions like Catalonia or Castile and Leon that absenteeism is reduced from 20 to 25% thanks to bulk messaging.

sms masivo clinicas

But the benefits of bulk messaging go beyond reminders, confirmations, changes or appointment cancellations.

Notification on collection of test results, direct communication with the doctor, reminder of taking medicine and satisfaction surveys are more of the various advantages that Marketing SMS offers and that favors customer loyalty. These measures not only benefit the clinic, but also make life easier for users, who are forever grateful for avoiding unnecessary travel.

Wishing them happy birthday, a merry Christmas…, information on new schedules, temporary closure due to holidays or notifying special promotions, are all actions that reinforce the link between the center and patient.

But also within the clinic, bulk messaging can simplify many tasks performing an important task of communication direct and instantaneous, like for instance: informing on employees’ shifts, substitutions needed and those covered already, incidences, communicating with suppliers…

An effective internal communication results in a professional and efficient administration. And as such it will be perceived by patients.

Something as simple as an SMS has a high potential, which will improve your business management since it optimizes time and resources. At the same time, relations with clients will be strengthened, and they will value positively the given personal and professional attention.

If you don’t feel like losing more patients’ appointments and you are willing to gain clients, in Instasent we can help you. Contact us and get the most out of the benefits that bulk messaging offers your business.