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How to make promotions appealing for clients and increase your sales

If you’re thinking of carrying out a promotional campaign to gain new clients, to favor your customer loyalty, or to simply sell more there are various factors you ought to keep in mind before you start.

Before leaving the house we check we have with us three key things: keys, wallet and of course mobile phone. Smartphones are now included in our daily routine and we use them for research, shopping, getting in touch with others…

No wonder, the number of mobile phone users around the world has doubled in just four years. In Spain, we have passed the 80% penetration rate, and have taken first place in the European ranking.

93% of consumers use their phone to research. However, when it gets to shopping with the phone, using the computer is still in first place, although m-commerce follows its steps closely and yearly grows exponentially.

All of this, situates us in a context where the presence of this device is extremely important without a doubt. Presence and strategy as well: as an active part and as a driving force of the company’s multichannel strategy.

If for example, you have decided to focus your campaign on Social Media, you can multiply its diffusion by sending an SMS with a link to the Social Media network that you are most interested in. You are guaranteed that your message will be received and read (90% of sms are read within three minutes of being received.)

In the same way, if you have a special promotion on your online store, with an SMS your client will just be a click away from it.

Marketing via SMS is one of the closest and most direct communication channels with the client. But in addition to the proximity, sending online messages offers another important advantage: its immediacy. It’s a fast, direct and ideal strategy to carry out actions in real-time or for a limited time.


A campaign’s objective via SMS promotion

The starting off point of any campaign is defining its objective. If we are launching a promotion, in this case: what do we intend to achieve with it?

  • Sell more
  • Generate customer loyalty
  • Obtain new data
  • Reactivate users
  • Launch a new product
  • Carry out cross-selling

And a long etc. which will depend on each business’s characteristics and circumstances.


Once we have defined the objective, comes the moment of choosing our target. Segmenting the target is the base of an effective campaign.

A quality database of our own implies an important effort in its creation and maintenance, but it is also a guarantee for success.


According to our audience, their habits and customs we will define the type of promotion that we have to set up: including a link in the SMS which takes them to the landing page or to the online store, discount coupons for the physical store or the e-commerce, QR codes…

In any case, we have to find the way to motivate the user and once we have achieved it, meet their expectations so that whatever the final contact point is, their purchase experience is pleasant.

If the user is on the phone we must ensure that they are mobile friendly. If they prefer to access from PC, the web has to be usable and if they go to the online store, the purchase processes, registration or payment, have to be clear and simple. Any setback or excessive time or data, provokes the consumer’s rejection.

Of course, in the case of a promotion via SMS we should include a Call To Action that tells the user what they have to do clearly and what they will receive in exchange.

In this sense, for promotional campaigns it is important to consider Cialdini’s Principle of Reciprocity.

What happens when we receive a gift or a benefit? That we feel the need, more or less consciously to be thankful.

We tend to behave with others just in the same way they have treated us. If a pleasant and fluent communication is established with the client, we are inviting the user to respond in a positive way to our propositions. It’s for all this that:

Promotional SMS are a direct, simple and efficient starting point to build a long lasting relationship with your clients.