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How to compose an effective text for your bulk SMS

Contrary to what it may seem, bulk SMS are not messages sent indiscriminately. This sending method could be ineffective as well as problematic and cause damage to the brand image of the sending company.

The receiver of bulk messages is not a crowd, but a person and as such we will address them. This type of strategy enables businesses to talk to their customers directly, closely and personally. Only then can proper communication be carried out.

Recibiendo un SMS masivo

We have a powerful communication weapon here. The question is How do we use it?

Behind every SMS Marketing campaign there is a strategy previously defined, which takes shape in the message we send. Consequently, it’s not only 160 characters. A correct structure and wording of SMS will condition **the success of our actions and will make a difference between having an interested and motivated user versus an indifferent and annoyed one. **

The basic structure of a bulk SMS should have three parts:

1. Sender.

it is imperative to make ourselves known to the receiver, since it generates trust and helps placing the brand in the consumer’s mind.

2. Text.

The order of the message's content is more important than it seems. We must start with what is more significant, the most important keywords, so that these appear on the phones, even before opening the message.

The text must be concise, direct and should always include an appealing action for the receiver. It’s all about showing them the way and telling them exactly what we want them to do; visiting the web page; taking part of a raffle; purchasing with a discount…

Remember that Call to Action will help you make the most of SMS. Including a shorten URL offers several possibilities of interaction with the user. Via a link you will be able to take your client wherever you wish: to your web, e-commerce, landing page…

Customize your messages as much as possible, including the client’s name, or any other information related to them, accumulated points, their nearest or usual store…

There are certain tricks to give warmness to the message, for instance making a simple question to the user, which triggers their curiosity. For example, Do you feel like a glass of X celebrity’s favorite wine?

It is recommendable that when the message is of advertising nature, the user is warned by including at the beginning of the text: ADVERTISING, ADVERT, OR ADS.

To the extent possible, you are also advised to insert the brand’s name in the text so there’s no confusion whatsoever.

3. Unsubscribe

The user ought to always have the option of unsubscribing, whether it’s via SMS, sending the word “UNSUBSCRIBE” or “STOP”; or through a link.

Señal de stop

On more than one occasion we have said that sending bulk SMS text messages is a non intrusive marketing strategy, due to the fact that when sending the SMS we count with the user’s prior consent. If for some reason they don’t feel comfortable, the unsubscribing option should be provided and we will track them down through another channel. Nevertheless, the unsubscribing percentage rate is practically zero if the strategy of sending bulk SMS is taken care of, providing valuable information for the user at the right time.

An effective message will attract a greater number of users, which entails your conversion ratio growing exponentially. This growth will lead to an increase in your profitability since SMS Marketing is one of the strategies that generate a higher ROI.

Start now creating your message and enjoy all the advantages that bulk SMS offers.