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3 steps to integrate CRM in bulk SMS strategy

Sending bulk SMS represents an opportunity to data capture clients’ information, in the same way that the obtained data allows segmentation and personalization of campaigns increasing their efficiency considerably.

Big Data, predictive models… nowadays nobody doubts the power of data. But all that quantity of information is useless if it’s not used properly. There is a high number of companies that use obsolete, mistaken or unverified data, which lead to misusing time and resources.

The power of information for companies comes from the compilation of accurate information and an effective implementation, based on segmenting and personalizing of communication.

What can SMS Marketing do on this matter?

At first sight, SMS may seem to handle few pieces of data: name, phone number and date and time of receiving the message.

However, beyond the first impression, sending sms on the internet on a massive scale can be, as mentioned on a previous post, an effective tool for data capture.

The possibility of incorporating a short URL in the message and the nature of the channel, direct and immediate, make it one of the suitable media channels for this purpose.

If we stop looking at the SMS platform only from the campaigns’ perspective and we look at it from the perspective of interacting with clients, we are talking about text message Marketing focused on CRM (Customer Relationship Management), relationship marketing.

CRM enables the management of relations with clients on the basis of collected and analyzed data. It puts useful information at the service of the company to perform its activity.


But linking bulk sms from the internet to CRM is easier said than done, although there are three steps that can contribute to the beginning of this fruitful relationship:

** - Integrate data fields during the navigation process. **

An example could be some alcoholic drinks’ websites, which require the date of birth before showing content.

It doesn’t involve a massive effort for the user to respond, but for the company the information provided is of enormous utility, and also gives a hint about the person’s implication or interest with the content or brand.

** - Observe your customers, analyze their behavior and adapt your strategy. **

Carry out test A/B in your campaigns for periods of time or products. This is how client purchase behavior is detected, both individually and at a global level. At a global level, you will be able to segment and plan the upcoming campaigns with greater certainty and at an individual level, you will be able to offer clients information according to their interests. All this will affect the results favorably as well as the relations with clients.

** - Multi-channel partnership for data collection **

** Channels like SMS Marketing and e-mail marketing can be fed back, through mutual support in data collection **. One will ask for emails (for example, CTA included in a short URL) and the other one will capture, at the same time, phone numbers.

Subsequently, we can take a step further directing our efforts towards Social Media and all the possibilities that this channel offers.

The key is to put the multichannel features at the service of CRM . When we connect the channels we have access to the information that each one of them provides.

** The sms delivery platform oriented to CRM can provide a significant flow of customer information, which properly used will have a positive impact on the company's results and on customers’ satisfaction. **