How to use online messages to launch a new product

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Do you know someone that doesn’t have a mobile phone? I bet you don’t, and if the answer is yes it’s obviously one of the rare exceptions.

Yes, the user is on their phone, so if you are planning to launch a new product in the market, this device is a vital channel for your launching strategy.

Mobile phones are a part of our lives to the extent that various of our habits have evolved. For instance, the way in which we consume information has changed, how we communicate with each other and even in the way we shop. Of course, this new consumer behavior paradigm can’t be ignored by brands.

There’s no doubt about the client being the center of our business. Therefore, if our target is on the phone, we ought to be there as well.

When it comes to developing a mobile marketing strategy we encounter multiple possibilities, which each company will embrace according to their needs and resources. Nevertheless, there is a universal strategy, suitable for any type of business: SMS Marketing, a tool as simple as efficient, valued and accepted by all consumers.

It is a direct and immediate communication channel, for this reason sending bulk SMS is a vital means when we want to communicate an important notice and be sure that the message reaches its destiny.

How can sending short messages contribute to launching a product?


A new product implicitly has a new different value proposition. So, Doesn’t it sound appropriate to choose a different channel?

SMS is minimally saturated, which guarantees that our message will be received by the user. It also has a higher reading percentage compared to other media channels.

Text marketing will help you differ from the competition and strengthen any other campaigns you have started off by other means of communication.

Remember the omni-channel approach is necessary nowadays in any communication strategy.


With SMS your client is just a click away from knowing your product, on which you have worked really hard. Include a short URL and take them to your webpage, landing, online store or Social Media.


SMS has the ability to accompany the user during the whole purchase process (before, during and after) hence use it to create expectation before launching; once it’s in the market, to capture their attention; and finally, with a persuasive sms, encourage them to buy.

If you know your clients well you have a bonus point in your favor which will enable you to segment according to their profile. If you are going to launch a new product, you will be able to tell which users are more keen on experimenting; if you launch a complement of an existing product or an upgrade version, SMS will help you promote cross-selling or up-selling.


In any case, when it gets to the purchase moment remember the process should be simple.

It is common for a user to start a purchase process and then not finish it. By sending bulk sms you can manage simple processes that will help you recoup the abandoned basket.


SMS is an expert on reminders. Send a message reminding your client that they have this new product or promotion available.


If you are preparing an action for the launch day, marketing via SMS is perfect for communication on a real time basis.

98% of messages are read. Within these, 90% are read just 3 minutes after being received, so if you want your clients to be updated on everything you do on such a special day, it’s the ideal channel.

If your product is ready, in Instasent you’ll find the perfect channel to launch it. Good luck!

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