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How Rich SMS improves the efficiency of bulk SMS campaigns in comparison to traditional text messages.

SMS was born as a communication tool based on sending short messages, limited to 160 characters. Its efficiency and simpleness converted it in the star communication means for years, surpassing even phone calls.

However, advances in technology have caused changes in our lifestyle and habits; changes that have also affected traditional SMS, which has lived its own transformation and evolution, offering us now its richest and most professional version: rich SMS.

What is rich SMS?

Just as its name conveys, its all about an enriched SMS. Beyond 160 characters we have the possibility of including short personalized URLs, landing pages and emojis,
meaning a global improvement of the user experience, as well as for companies.


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Benefits of rich SMS

Rich SMS offer 3 main benefits to SMS Marketing:

  1. The possibility of including personalized short URLs improves the brand image and allows to carry out more systematic and exhaustive checks of campaigns, thanks to tracking clicks and monitoring users’ behavior.

Providing a Call to action with a link multiplies the chances of success of any action (subscription, buy, download…) related to SMS Marketing, which translates into better results and a better ROI.

  1. Users can receive personalized content and adapted to their interests through the use of landing pages. The personalization of actions favors customer loyalty and improves their perception of the brand.
  2. According to the type of company, including emojis or emoticons helps capture the receiver’s attention, as well as transmitting closeness and kindness.
    All these benefits make rich SMS a vital element in bulk SMS campaigns.

Rich SMS efficiency and our bulk SMS campaign’s success is only guaranteed if…

We are responsive

Though it might seem obvious, there are so many companies that fail in not having web designs adapted to mobile phones. Taking into consideration that the SMS’ media channel are mobile phones, it is unforgivable to lack a Responsive Design.

We are secure

Shipments ought to take place through direct and stable routes that guarantee an efficient tracking. Security during the shipping depends on…

The right choice of the SMS provider platform.

The supplier company needs to have a professional technical support, provide high speed and security during the shipping, as well as being efficient.

Rich SMS is a very powerful element to use when sending bulk SMS. If we add this to the extremely high SMS reception rate (98%) and high click rate (19%,) will result in a better performance of SMS marketing campaigns.

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