6 abandoned cart email subject lines and 7 templates

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The subject line is the very first thing your customers will read when the abandoned cart email arrives, so it’s necessary that we attract their attention in those first few seconds.

Here are three important tips to help motivate your customers and inspire more opens from your abandoned cart subject lines:


Personalizing email subject lines by using your client’s name can increase open rates by 50% and lead to 58% higher click-to-open rates.

In cases where you don’t have their name on your database, you should use the phrase “Hey there”, or something similarly friendly and non-threatening. According to Klaviyo, companies that used this default tag in their subject lines received an open rate of 52%.

Exclamation point

There’s nothing like adding a little excitement by using an exclamation point, right? But keep it simple. Too many exclamation and question marks will kill any well-written text. Use an exclamation point when appropriate to help increase open rates!

Count characters

The ideal length of your subject line depends on a variety of factors, such as the device that your subscriber is reading it on. In fact, from 2011 to 2018, email opens on mobile devices increased by 34%. In 2018, 61% of emails were opened on a mobile device.

This chart shows the number of preview characters that are displayed across common devices and clients:

So, when considering the email subject length that will work best for your campaigns, consider available data to target the subscriber devices in the most efficient way.

Most popular types of subject lines

“Forgot something?” subject lines

This is the most common type of subject line. It is useful when the customer is assumed to have been interrupted during the checkout process. I’m sure that if you’ve ever left an article in the basket, you have received an email with this kind of subject line.

  1. Did you forget something?
  2. You left something behind. 
  3. Heading out without checking out?
"Forgot something?" subject line example

Personalized subject lines

As we said before, personalized subject lines have more chance of the email being opened than emails without personalization. When it is personal, it tends to feel like a real conversation. Try to use the shopper’s name and details about the product(s) in their cart.

  1. [Name], complete your purchase of [Product]
  2. This is just for you, [Name].
  3. Haven’t decided yet, [Name]?
Personalized subject line example

Incentivized subject lines

Two of the biggest reasons why people abandon shopping carts are shipping costs and comparing prices.

If shipping costs might be a concern for them, you could use your subject line to offer free shipping. Incentive-driven subject lines draw attention and convince a person to open the email.

  1. Free shipping, just for you [Name]
  2. Get Free Shipping on [Product] Today
  3. Good News: Your price dropped!
Bonobos example of an incentivized subject line

“FOMO” subject lines

Also known as the ‘fear of missing out’, it happens when we use urgency (your time is running out) and scarcity (the stock is selling out) in our subject lines. They are two powerful psychological triggers for initiating action from your leads. 

  1. [Product] is selling fast: Complete your purchase now
  2. This is your only chance.
  3. Your cart is expiring
"Limited time" subject line

‘Getting curious’ subject lines

These types of subject lines work to generate curiosity. Reverse psychology works very well, because you present your email with a title that no shop/brand would ever say to a customer. Hopefully, you get them to think, “Why are they telling me this?” so that they end up opening the email.

  1. Don’t open this email
  2. Stop buying us
  3. Too busy to read this email?
Example of a subject line that creates curiosity

Product-related subject lines

Use witty copy that refers to your product in your subject lines. This can help remind your clients of the item they had almost purchased. Plus, it helps to differentiate yourself from the more common subject lines from other brands, thus ensnaring your customer’s attention.

  1. Maps: We don’t want you to get lost!
  2. Food: Are you hangry yet?
  3. Shoes: Your cart is about to run away
Example of a product-related subject lines (Whisky Loot)

Abandoned cart email templates

With these cart abandonment email templates you can get your customers back into the shopping experience. Feel free to copy and adapt them to the message you want to send.

Plain text

Example 1

Haven’t decided yet, [Name]?

Hi there, [Name]!

We noticed you put together a shopping cart on our site but didn’t submit your order…

We were wondering if you need any help, or if you have any questions?

If there’s anything we can do, you can email us on [email protected] with any product or order queries.

Your shopping cart:

We’ve included a list of your shopping cart contents below. You can click this link (insert link here) to get back to your shopping cart, or the links below to load up the shopping cart again.



If you need to discuss your order in more detail, feel free to call us during business hours on [phone number]

We’d also love to hear if you have any suggestions on how we can improve our website. If you have time, just hit the reply button and let us know.


[Brand name]

E: [email protected]


Example 2

You still have something in your cart!


There’s still time to complete your order. 

Just click the return to cart button below, and you will be on your way!

[CTA BUTTON] Return to cart

Product 1 Picture and link

Product 2 Picture and link

Also check out these awesome products that you may also like…

Alternative Product 1

Alternative Product 2

Alternative Product 3

If you need any help, just reply to this email and we will get back to you ASAP.

Or call [phone number]

[Brand name]

Example 3

Your logo

[Name] Your shopping cart misses you!

Get your shopping items before they’re gone!

Complete the purchase and get 10% off.

[Item 1] – Picture and Price

[Item 2] – Picture and Price

CTA BUTTON Resume your order

Brand’s phone number and email addressç


Example 4

This template places the abandoned cart item front and center with a clear call-to-action button. Additionally, it includes customer reviews which can help encourage customers to make the purchase. You can get it here.

Reviews included email template

Example 5

Sometimes customers just need an extra incentive to make that purchase. With this example, you can include a coupon code, offering customers a discount in their purchase. Get it here.

Coupon based email template

Example 6

This example is an effective reminder email. It includes a picture of the product with a CTA that drives customers directly to the cart. Get it here.

Example showing products

Example 7

This one is similar to the previous one with a different design. Short, simple and to the point. Download it here.

Simple yet effective email template

With these tips, as well as the strategies that we discussed in this last post, you are ready to create an effective abandoned cart email and entice customers to return to your website and finish their purchase.

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