3 use cases of mass texting service for fraternities

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Fraternities are always planning events, such as parties, dinners, meetings, study hours, etc. That’s why good communication between all the fraternity members is vital, to give everyone the chance to participate and make the events successful.

And to accomplish this communication, a good mass message service is perfect, because with a couple of clicks you can reach everyone in the fraternity with one message – simple and organized!

In this article I am going to show you how to use mass text messages correctly so that your fraternity is up to date, give examples of use cases, explain which universities already use it, and how to send these messages with the Instasent tool.

Let’s jump straight in.

How to use texting for fraternities

In addition to each brother communicating individually with his friends, group communication is essential in the coexistence of a fraternity.

The messages can be used for different purposes, but always for the same general goal: connection between the members.

One thing to consider in a fraternity is the different roles that various members play and the ways that they need to communicate. Below we identify four types of people in a fraternity and the communication objective of each in terms of sending text messages.

What each member of a fraternity communicates

First, we have the president, the leader. This person is in charge of praising the achievements of the brothers, but also of “controlling” and imposing the limits and the necessary discipline. And in addition, he serves as a communication channel between new members, old members, the university, associated organizations, etc. He attends the conferences of the national organization when necessary and communicates the values ​​and goals of the fraternity to his chapter.

Next, we have the vice president, who has the responsibility of replacing the president in his absence, carrying out the administration tasks and organizing the meetings. This assumes that the vice president communicates effectively.

We also have the fraternity treasurer, who is in charge of financial management and communication, preparing and administering the chapter budget, and collecting membership dues. A large part of financial management is communication, since the fraternity must provide transparency to the brothers about all the procedures that it administers and how the money is spent.

And finally, there are the rest of the members. In addition to receiving the messages that we have mentioned above, it is up to them to add new ideas, report problems and communicate everything necessary for the fraternity to function properly.

Use cases

The uses of these messages vary depending on what your goal is. Here are some cases so you can get an idea:

Welcome SMS 

You can use bulk messages to welcome new groups of students joining your fraternity:

Hey guys! Welcome to [University/College name]! You’re in for an awesome experience. I’m part of a group of current students helping new students move in this fall and also part of the [Fraternity name]. Know what dorm you’re in?

Interested students

Send a message to those who showed interest in joining your fraternity. For this, you should gather the contact information of the students from the sign up lists.

Hi [Name]! Great to meet you. My name’s [name]. I saw you were on a council sign up list last year and didn’t find what you were looking for. I would love to hear more about what you wanted and what you experienced. Can we meet up this week?

Other fraternity leaders

SMS is also a good way to keep in touch with other fraternities, so that you can inform each other of events, parties, games, etc. which you can attend together.

Hey [name]! How’s your semester going? I saw [club name]’s event is coming up soon. How’s all the prep going?


As Social Media Today found, 76% of people report they’re more likely to read a message sooner if it’s a text rather than an email.

With this in mind, many universities choose to expand their communications through SMS. Let’s have a look at some examples:

Library Catalog

Princeton University gives its students the opportunity to create SMS alerts about their catalog of studies and books. Once logged in to the Princeton Theological Seminary Library catalog, they can update their personal information and choose to receive text messages as well as emails from the PTS Library. In this way, when an article that they have marked as a favorite is available they will receive a message with the alert.

Princeton SMS alert

Sports events

Wheaton University offers a list of sporting events to which its students can subscribe to receive alerts on their phones via SMS, such as volleyball games, baseball, tennis, soccer, etc. Subscribed students get access to the latest news and receive notifications about upcoming events.

Emergency alerts

SMS is also crucial in emergency situations on campus, and the Rock Valley College gives its students the opportunity to sign up for these types of alerts. Weather-related closings and cancellations are considered an emergency situation, and students who sign up for the service are notified of campus closings via this alert system.

They also send notifications about non-emergencies such as important dates and deadlines related to enrollment, payment, and financial aid.

Recurring alerts

Kent State Alumni Alerts offers a recurring mobile SMS alert service provided on short code 33733 for event notices, Kent State trivia facts and contest notifications. Students can subscribe by just texting the word ALUMNI (or keywords that will be provided at different events).

Text example from Kent University


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It’s a great way to ensure that everyone stays up to date and that no one ever misses an important event or update.

How to do it with Instasent

Instasent offers you a number of advantages when it comes to sending mass messages to your fraternity brothers. 

There’s no need to install any software; our mass text messaging platform with a web interface is stored in the cloud and is easily accessible from any device.

You can also create various users with one account and configure the access for each of them; this will enable you to create the Fraternity group and send the SMS without having to search for each contact.

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